Stacy P. says:

Mari is one of the best personal trainers I have ever had the privilege to work with. She is friendly, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. She takes the time to get to know the individual’s fitness goals and tailors programs to fit each client. She helped me get in shape for my wedding and has been a very positive influence on me as I work out during my pregnancy. I feel comfortable talking to her about what I would like to accomplish and she is able to work with me as my needs change. I look forward to our sessions every week and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their workouts to the next level.


Gennifer says:

I have been training with Mari for a year now. I truly believe that without Mari’s Bridal Boot camp, I would not have been able to reach my goals on my own. I looked and felt great for my wedding. I continue to train with Mari because she challenges me, and I achieve positive results with her. She encourages me to become the best and helps me stay focused on my weight loss goals.


Tina says:


Thank goodness I crossed paths with you at 4 years ago. You have been such a pivotal trainer, resource person and friend in my health and fitness journey.

I remember approaching you initially, feeling frustrated about my weight. You took a look at my workout/food journal and graciously provided feedback that led to a 100% turnaround in my actions. You gained my trust from there and I started weight training and doing boot camp with you. Your style attracted such a terrific group of trainees that we ended up befriending one another and continue to work out & hang out today.

Last, but not least, you get full credit for helping me to reshape my body in a way that positioned me to do something I absolutely never imagined possible. At 41 years old I overcame the worst of all fears – putting on a tiny figure competition suit and walking across a stage to be seen and judged by an audience full of people unknown to me. You may never fully know how that raised my confidence and changed my life forever.

May many more people be blessed with your presence in their lives.


Daphne says:

Personal training with Mari Kudla allowed me to transform my lifestyle, improve my fitness level and achieve my personal fitness goals. This has involved a combination of changes in my training, diet and overall approach to “wellness”. At 41 I am now healthier and more fit than I have ever been in my life!


Joree says:

I started training with Mari 1.5 yrs. ago with a goal in mind…to be the best looking 50 yr. old I can be. Well, I just had my 50th birthday 3 weeks ago. Working with Mari has helped me achieve my goal. With personal training and commitment to a “biggest loser” contest, I have lost 25 pounds, weighing what I did in college as well as wearing two sizes smaller than I did in college due to the training. I plan to continue the training because of the enthusiasm & variety Mari brings to my workouts. It is never routine.


Ken C. says:

Mari is a talented Personal Trainer with an energizing and interesting personality, I never met anyone who could be sweet and mean at the same time. Mari has been training me twice a week for 18 Months now and she has never had me do the same workout twice. Her creativity and enthusiasm keep me coming back for punishment week after week. She went over my goals in our initial consultation ( more energy, definition and stamina) and has been dead on with results in all three areas. Stop your search and call Mari NOW! she is the best!


Lisa says: 

Mari is a fabulous trainer. Never the same workout twice, she is very skilled in increasing your fitness and health,regardless of where you start . Her boot camp style HiIT class is one of the best in the area and appeals to every fitness level. I recommend her highly; you won’t be disappointed.


Biz says:

Mari’s professional competitive career in the fitness world and her experience over the years has shined tremendously through our personal training sessions. Her hard work and dedication to educate has been inspirational to say the least. Mari is one of a kind, and her ability to be genuine and inspirational is not a skill that can be taught, nor a quality that is created solely through experience. She is without question the best personal trainer I’ve ever encountered. I will continue to consult with Mari as I progress in my goals to better my health and fitness.

She has shown me the personal time and dedication to assure that I maximize my gains and achieve my overall goals by working hard in the gym and outside the gym planning and preparing workout routines catered to each individual client.